5 Things Every Modern Medical Practice Needs

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Medical practices are complex, and there’s no golden rule for achieving the perfect care setting. But physicians can take certain measures to ensure their practices are prepared for evolving technology, increased patient demands and shifting payment models, Bruce Bagley, MD, told a group of physicians at the 2015 AMA Interim Meeting. Here are five things every practice will need to thrive. Dr. Bagley said practices that wish to survive rapid changes in health care and cultivate successful transformation will take these actions: 1.  Develop and adapt organizational models that can grow with your practice. Physicians shouldn’t burden themselves trying to predict every future change that will occur in health care and then designing a fool-proof practice that somehow reflects these unpredictable changes, Dr. Bagley said. Instead, he said physicians should “develop an agile organization” around themselves, “so that as things changes—and they’re going to constantly change—[the practice] can adapt to it.” To create a nimble practice, Dr. Bagley advises that physicians view a special organizational development module the AMA created as part of its STEPS Forward website. The site currently offers a total of 27 interactive educational modules developed by physicians to help address common practice challenges. The modules also offer continuing medical education credit. Dr. Bagley said the module shows physicians how to navigate transitions and adapt to infrastructural change. Read more at AMA Wire.