Women Are Getting Surgery Down There to Look Better in Yoga Pants

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Activewear isn’t what it used to be. No longer just for the gym, workout clothes have become a trendy fashion statement for people on the go – especially for women. Maybe you’ve read about the“athleisure” trend? According to a recent article in the New York Post, women are willing to go the extra mile to look hot in their yoga pants…by electing to undergo surgery on their va-jay-jay to permanently remove the dreaded “camel toe.”  The latest statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) state that below-the-belt procedures have been on the rise. Labiaplasty—a surgery that involves reshaping and trimming the excess labia minora—increased by 44 percent and the number of surgeons who are performing labiaplasties increased by 8 percent (from 21 percent to 29 percent) in 2013.  “The reality is that women have been grooming themselves differently for about the past ten years, with many eliminating pubic hair altogether, and consequently, they are noticing what things look like in that region as a result,” said Christine Hamori, MD, an ASAPS member specializing in labiaplasty, in a formal press release. “Many of my patients want to achieve a clean, smooth look as they would with their face and underarms.”  Read more at Yahoo! Health.