Brentwood Police Called to a Medical Spa for Reports of Missing Drugs

Posted By Madilyn Moeller, Thursday, November 17, 2022


News 4 Investigates has learned more trouble for the St. Louis-area doctor known for helping hundreds get their medical marijuana cards.

Dr. Zinia Thomas first came to the public spotlight for her cannabus tours, signing people up for medical marijuana licenses. Back in September, she was charged with illegally possessing drugs, not prescribing them. The state has started a disciplinary proceeding on her license.

The latest news, Brentwood police officers were called to her business: Radiance Float and Wellness, after an employee reported their ketamine was missing, a schedule 3 drug. The DEA describes ketamine as an anesthetic with hallucinogenic effects, sometimes used to facilitate sexual assault crimes and some doctors prescribe it for cases of severe depression.

“In the wrong hands, it could be as serious as causing someone’s death,” former federal prosecutor John Davis said.

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