Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Cancer?

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Monday, January 18, 2016

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?Can laser hair removal cause cancer?
For some women, laser hair removal treatments are worth the big price tag for smooth, hairless skin. The average price for laser hair removal is $289, depending on what areas are being treated and the number of sessions needed. But for others, concerns about the safety of the fuzz-free procedure may cause them to hesitate.

We got this question from a viewer:

Dear Dr. Manny,
I have my honeymoon coming up and I've been thinking about getting laser hair removal for my bikini line, but I'm a little worried about the radiation that's involved with it. Is there any kind of link between laser hair removal and cancer?

In terms of cancer risk, X-rays and gamma rays are the most dangerous and are known as high-frequency ionizing radiation. Although both types can come from natural sources like radon gas, they can also be manmade. For example, nuclear power plants create this type of radiation for nuclear energy, and medical imaging tests like CT scans use X-rays to produce pictures of areas inside the body.

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