SEO for Review Sites

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You have happy patients, and you’re getting positive reviews on the web. Can you move on to other marketing priorities and enjoy the benefits of a solid four- or five-star rating? Unfortunately, this isn’t a good strategy for practice growth and reputation management.  
Getting reviews can be challenging. Asking a patient to do a favor for you often feels awkward. Making reviews routinely flow into review sites is a new process for most practices, and it might be difficult at first. But this is the new cost of doing business on the web.
Every practice needs to continuously acquire high-quality reviews to remain competitive in search rankings within third-party review sites. Rankings are commonly driven by review quantity, quality, and recency. At RealSelf, for instance, our ranking algorithm takes into account these review attributes, along with other forms of doctor engagement, including photo uploads and answers to consumer questions.
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