Social Impact of Facial Rejuvenation

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Improving facial expressions through natural-looking surgical rejuvenation greatly improves socialacceptance, according to "The Emoticon Effect," an original study from board-certified plastic surgeon Christian Drehsen, M.D., medical director of Clinique of Plastic Surgery (St. Petersburg, FL), that explores the link between facial expression vectors and social response. Drehsen uses the emoticon, a combination of the word emotion and icon, as a guide for facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers, and letters. Emojis have largely replaced the use of rough emoticons, though they are still an effective way of relating to how facial expressions change with age and plastic surgery solutions.

For years, scientists have studied how humans perceive and classify emotions based on common facial vectors. Findings have shown that downward vectors—commonly associated with frowning—universally convey negative emotions, while upward vectors—such as smiling—convey positive emotions and youthfulness.

"Facial expressions and emoticons alike are instantly understood, as they symbolize with a few lines or 'vectors' universal human emotions or state of mind," says Drehsen. "Unfortunately, as we age, these vectors often create unflattering and misinterpreted expressions that at times trigger discrimination, indifference, or prejudice."

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