This Technology Shows You What Your Teeth Will Look Like After a Dental Procedure

Posted By American Med Spa Association, Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cosmetic dentistry can often leave patients wondering what their new smile will look like after procedures such as veneers, dental implants and full-mouth reconstruction. As advancements in technology progress, it becomes easier for dentists to communicate with their patients and give them a pretty accurate depiction of their potential outcome. And now, one company is pushing the envelope even further.

A Swiss startup company called Kapanu has created an augmented reality (AR) engine, in collaboration with Disney Research, to be used in medical settings, and the first one will be dentistry. As reported on by DailyMail, this new technology is a virtual mirror of sorts that will show patients what their new post-treatment smiles will look like using a combination of AR and 3-D imaging.   

The company revealed its invention at the 2016 International Dental Show in Germany, and claims it received “overwhelming feedback” from dentists, dental hygienists and dental technicians. “This software enables the patient to see within seconds the end result of the dental reconstruction,” said Roland Mörzinger, Kapanu CEO.

The "mirror" uses facial scanning technology to produce 3-D scans of the patient's mouth and then matches them with scans of "good teeth" that have been used for the procedure previously. The "good teeth" are then superimposed onto the patient's real teeth in a live video, and in a consultation with a dentist, tweaks can be made in real time to their color and shape.
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