The Most Downloaded AmSpa Webinars of 2020

Posted By Mike Meyer, Friday, December 18, 2020

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In the future, we'll probably always remember 2020 as the year video conferencing entered our lives in a major way. Similarly, we'll likely recall that most of this year's continuing education occurred via webinar. At AmSpa, we shifted our educational focus from Boot Camps (which will return in 2021) to offering a wide variety of webinars, and we're thrilled at how engaged our members (and non-members) are with these presentations.

Here are the 10 most downloaded webinars of the year—and during the "12 Days of AmSpa," we're giving everyone complimentary access to these webinars using the promo code HOLIDAYWEBINAR. Check them out today!

1. Instagram 201

In this webinar, Aly Boeckh and Michela Bailey teach attendees how to create engaging content on Instagram for their medical aesthetics practices. They share tips on how to create before/after photos and what apps to use to watermark them; how to create demo videos, memes and quotes; what to put in your bio; how to use linking tools; how to brand your account with color schemes; and many more tips and tricks that will help you conquer the IG algorithm.

2. Legally Reward Patients Without Violating Anti-kickback Laws

As a medical spa owner, incentivizing current patients to refer others is a widely used practice that can be very effective in generating business. However, depending on the structure of your reward program, you also may be running what the government would deem an illegal kickback scheme that can result in loss of licenses and hefty fines. Join ByrdAdatto health care attorneys Robert Fisher and Bala Mohan for this webinar, which gives an overview of regulatory laws involved in reward programs, pitfalls to avoid and examples of reward program structures that will keep everyone happy.

3. Instagram 301

In this Instagram webinar, Aly Boeckh and Michela Bailey teach attendees how to enhance their Instagram skills. They provide step-by-step instructions on how to use IGTV and IG Live; how to create thumb-stopping IG stories with templates; IG advertising and what content to promote; how to optimize your hashtags; how to uncover your analytics; secret tips and tricks; and what push notification settings to use.

4. Paying for Productivity

In order to get the most out of their workforce and incentivize employees to give their all, employers often structure compensation programs that reward employees for productivity by giving them a piece of the pie. This standard concept can become complicated in the medical field, as many states have anti-kickback and fee-splitting laws that can restrict or prevent employers from providing certain personnel with a piece of the medical procedure fee. In this webinar, Robert Fisher from ByrdAdatto, PLLC, discusses these fee-splitting laws and how an employer can legally structure compensation programs to incentivize employees in a compliant way.

5. Mitigating Your Clinical Risks Post-quarantine

What steps you should take in re-opening your medical spa? Hear how to best screen your clients, protect yourself and your staff and mitigate other risks while getting back to business. We review cleaning procedures and key areas for disinfection. This webinar also covers key risk management strategies to help medical spa operators successfully and safely open their doors in a post-quarantine world.

6. Understanding Basic Financial Reports

Financial statements are critical components to understanding your business. Learn the basics about your financial statements, what they are trying to tell you about where you are today and how you can improve. Monitoring your financials does not have to be a painful, time-consuming process. We'll discuss why understanding your financial statements is critical to improving your cash flow and how you can, once and for all, stop shoving your financial reports into a drawer to "review later."

7. Make the Most of Your Quarantine – Where to Focus Now

According to the experts, there are at least several more weeks of COVID-19 virus-related quarantine for most of the country. Instead of binge watching "Tiger King" for the third time, consider investing your available time focusing on aspects of your business that need some fine-tuning. In this webinar, join Alex and Cathy from AmSpa to help you dial in on ways that you can improve your business during this unprecedented amount of down time to ensure that when you re-open, your business will not only survive, but thrive!

8. Practice Independence for Advanced Practitioners

Many states have autonomous practice for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), and even more have introduced bills that would reduce practice restrictions on APRNs and physician assistants (PAs). Having greater practice freedom is a great benefit to those practitioners, but it can bring its own issues and complications. Join AmSpa Legal Coordinator Patrick Armstrong O'Brien as he gives a brief overview of NP and PA practice autonomy, reviews pending bills, and discusses issues and uncertainties that come with autonomy.

9. The ABCs of Corporate Structure

This webinar addresses the basic types of entities, the similarities and differences among entity types, and the key issues and considerations when selecting the type of entity for your business. It also dispels widely held misunderstandings between the entity type and its tax status, which many legal and tax professionals commonly confuse.

10. Compensation Strategies that Fit the Reality of Your Practice

This webinar covers compensation criteria (sustainable for the practice and legally compliant), why bonuses should be tied to goals and profit, and how to create a compensation plan that promotes team thinking vs. "me" thinking. Learn several simple metrics that accomplish these outcomes, are easy to communicate to staff and are easy to manage—no smoke and mirrors.

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